Imran Ali is a founding partner of CARBON:imagineering, an emerging technologies think tank. Previously, Imran established the Technology Research team for Orange UK, was part of the advisory boards of O’Reilly’s ETel conference, mobile startup Treasuremytext and the eComm conference, as well as serving on the boards of startups ensembli and bmedi@. Recently, Imran was appointed as conference director of the FutureEverything festival, following three
successful years as founder of the LSx living lab. You can follow Imran on Twitter as @imran.

Tom Morgan started as a pure developer but migrated towards design whilst at Orange and recently settled into a predominantly “front-end” role whether that be design or development (but preferably a bit of both). Tom’s interested in designing and building websites and the user experiences which revolve around websites. Specifically how users interactions with sites can be made easier, more fruitful and most importantly more enjoyable. I’m also interested in how the web will evolve and change in order to keep pace with the explosion of different devices which can now access it. Recent work includes Leeds Markets, Hackney Hear for iPhone. You can find Tom as @morganesque on Twitter.

Dean Vipond designs things – services, experiences, brands. With nearly 15 years’ experience designing for many different platforms, Dean has methodical approach to solving problems. With careful consultation with the client, ensuring  customers’ needs and expectations are met, be it through a website, a mobile app, or any number of multi-platform touchpoints. Dean works with clients of all sizes – from one-person start-ups, to international brands such as Orange, BBC and British Airways.  Dean is also a regular speaker at design events, including Carsonified’s Future of Web Design, and O’Reilly’s Ignite. Dean’s twitter handle is @deanvipond.

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