Ben is a digital and interactive artist based in Leeds.

He is one third of the interactive arts organisation Invisible Flock.
Ben is interested in how we use technology as an empower, both politically and personally.
His work often explores how technology and new platforms allow us to tell new stories and allow for both ownership and authorship for participants.
He has most recently finished a series of works about the sea working as part of Invisible Flock, amongst these two works about walking, one powered by a mobile phone app and consisting of a series of augmented reality public art installations and a nautical buoy that users could communicate with by SMS, and a second a long series of walks across Morecambe Bay with newly created sound works.
He uses technology in an accidental hap-hazard and experimental way, exploring new software and platforms all the time rather than focusing on a single medium.
he has a  website here
with a much more comprehensive detail of his work as Invisible Flock here
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