Meet Pararchive…

The Cultural & Creative Industries Exchange labs ended yesterday with a launch event and the first public reveal of our contribution, Pararchive, a storytelling tool for archival media.

Cultural & Creative Industries Exchange launch event

Joining the other teams at the reception, we got the chance to talk thought the principles and philosophies of Pararchive with interested parties, as well as share our concept designs and scenarios.

Two visitors to our stand included Andrew Wilson – of Blink Media and the Hannah Mitchell Foundation – as well as Dinah Clark, Leeds City Council’s programme manager for culture. Dinah in particular was interested in the implications on intellectual property, ownership and openness in what became a thrilling conversation on the changing nature of work and value.

Pararchive - "Stories about Zak"


Though our intention was only to formulate a ‘concept car’, Pararchive looks like there might be resources available for further development. Just today a funding application was made to begin developing a working prototype… watch this space 🙂

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  1. AHRC funding under the Connected Communities programme now fuels Pararchive research. Let us go forth and collaborate. I will endeavour to provide links in due course and am happy to be working with Simon Popple on this.

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