Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Cultural & Creative Industries Exchange labs ended yesterday with a launch event and the first public reveal of our contribution, Pararchive, a storytelling tool for archival media.

Cultural & Creative Industries Exchange launch event

Joining the other teams at the reception, we got the chance to talk thought the principles and philosophies of Pararchive with interested parties, as well as share our concept designs and scenarios.

Two visitors to our stand included Andrew Wilson – of Blink Media and the Hannah Mitchell Foundation – as well as Dinah Clark, Leeds City Council’s programme manager for culture. Dinah in particular was interested in the implications on intellectual property, ownership and openness in what became a thrilling conversation on the changing nature of work and value.

Pararchive - "Stories about Zak"


Though our intention was only to formulate a ‘concept car’, Pararchive looks like there might be resources available for further development. Just today a funding application was made to begin developing a working prototype… watch this space 🙂

Upon reaching the end of the Leeds Creative Labs, the feeling which echoed around the room from all the groups was that, we were only just getting started.  It has felt like a short journey but one of great exploration, listening to all of the fascinating presentations from around the table revealed the different approaches to the academic / technologist collaboration.

A fundamental difference between the groups was the notion of product, for myself and Vlad, our collaboration was the core of what we researched and reflected on. The concept and design of the projected image which was the result of our conversations, we saw almost as a byproduct.

For myself this process of reflection, which we often spoke through on our meetings, has been a realisation.  What I saw as boundaries to a collaboration, having a limit set by practice and methodology, in actual fact exist within the collaborator and the perceived physical limitations of the subject.

The ‘byproducts’ of our collaboration are as follows:

We developed a narrative of images to be projected in sequence relating to our conversations on the nature of data in space.

The first being a single image of a target:

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 16.14.30

The combined images which we are considering for a gallery piece is below:


The next steps is to seek further funding for the collaboration to investigate the moving image, commercial application and the placement of the work within a gallery context.