An introduction to the projects

Ben Eaton and Kevin Macnish

Ben Eaton, a digital artist, and Kevin Macnish, from the University of Leeds, are exploring the ethics of contemporary warfare using game platforms.

“We are looking at creating a practical sandbox-like environment within which to explore the applications of ethical questions as posed by the shifting nature of contemporary combat. At this early stage we are experimenting with creating custom mods for pre-existing 3D game platforms that can be employed in a teaching environment creating a networked interactive experience for multiple students and a session leader to simultaneously participate and enact various scenarios.”

Dave Lynch and Vlad Strukov

Vlad Strukov, a researcher from the University of Leeds, and Dave Lynch, an artist, are exploring the nature of data by using projections on clouds.

“The collaboration looks at the application and interpretation of images projected onto clouds.  The project concerns itself with the nature of data and the human ability to interpret, own and share data. Particularly, the project looks at the emotive as well as political potential of data in its ability to mobilise, create and translate meaning.”

Bloom and The Centre for Translation Studies

Bloom, a digital discovery agency, and the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Leeds are working on improving collaborative translations.

“We are working together to model interactions between participants in collaborative translation, with a view to identifying opportunities to optimise workflow and to improve pedagogic scenarios for training students in higher education and continuing professional development contexts. In order to do this, we have built profiles of the social interactions among participants in four translation projects. We have also recorded evaluation data, with scores provided for each project by each member of the translation team involved, as well as the commissioners/users of the translation. Our evaluation framework provides parameters relating to aspects of the end product (the translation), as well as the collaborative processes through which it was produced.

The next step is to see whether we find correlations between the evaluation data and patterns in the interaction profile for each project.”

Simon Popple, Imran Ali, Tom Morgan and Dean Vipond

Simon Popple from the University of Leeds and Imran Ali, Tom Morgan and Dean Vipond are working on a collaboration around storytelling tools for large media archives; the team has chosen to use archive media from the London Riots as content for storytellers.

more details to be announced.

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